FAQs about Coaching

How do we meet?

We will have an initial 30 minute phone or Zoom conversation to help design how our future time will be spent. Subsequent coaching sessions can be over the phone or via Zoom. When it is safe to meet in person, face to face sessions can be arranged. 

What should I expect for our initial conversation?

During our initial conversation, I will tell you more about how coaching works and what to expect. We will go over the coaching agreement and we can make changes or additions to it to design a plan and schedule that works best for you. You will have an opportunity to ask any questions related to coaching and I will hear a little bit about what you hope to work toward. I will suggest the coaching package that I think is right for you to start, based on the goals you’d like to achieve. After this conversation, you can decide if you are ready to engage a coach, pick the sessions that your prefer, then sign the agreement. 

What is a coaching session like?

During our first coaching session, you and I together will: 

Focus on your goals and vision for the future.

Use various tools to imagine what you will need to accomplish your goals.

Establish concrete action steps towards your desired future.

Address accountability and support system needed.

In subsequent sessions, we will review your goals and learn from your actions since the last session. We will address what you bring that day and continue to plan for actions that will help you move forward. 

I’m not religious. Can I still come to you for coaching?

Yes! Coaching isn’t based on any religious beliefs. Your faith can be a part of your coaching experience if you wish. But there is no faith requirement when it comes to coaching. Coaching is beneficial, no matter your belief system. 

What’s the right package for me?

During our initial conversation, I’ll recommend the package that I think you should start with. Individual sessions are always an option to start to see if coaching is for you. Those with multifaceted goals will benefit from coaching over multiple sessions. If you’d like to engage a coach long term, the 12 session package is the most economical option. 

Is group or team coaching right for my group?

Group coaching can be used to help a newly formed group create a shared vision or goals. Team coaching can be used to help an already formed team (shared vision, clear roles and responsibilities, definable goals, synergy) develop positive accountability and momentum. Coaching a team often works best when the Team Leader participates in individual coaching in conjunction with the Team Coaching. 

Group coaching can help move a group (no shared vision, no goal, role confusion) toward being a team (commitment to shared vision, clear roles and responsibilities, defined goals, synergy). 

During our initial conversation, we will talk about the dynamics of your current group or team and I will recommend a plan that will be most beneficial in your context. 

I can’t afford coaching but I think it would really help me. How can I make it happen?

Self-improvement isn’t cheap! Coaching is an investment in yourself that will last far longer than the coaching sessions themselves. 

Professional development funds may be a source of assistance to help cover the cost of coaching. Church boards, committees, or other employers may choose to invest in their staff by helping with the cost. 

Staggered payment plans can be arranged. Let me know what you can pay and we will work out a payment plan and coaching schedule that honors your continued contribution as well as my time and investment.

Bartering is an option! Do you have a skill set, business, or product that you can share? If so, you can trade it for coaching. Make an offer and we can negotiate for a fair trade or for a discount on services.